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Wayne Philips – My Story

I’ve been a car enthusiast since before I could drive, it all started when I attended a few car cruises at a young age where people would show off their cars and generally hang out. A friend of mine who passed his test before me started to modify his Vauxhall Corsa back in 2003 and seeing him with his car made me want one even more.

I passed my test 1st time and decided to also get a corsa, it was my pride and joy. Being a young driver I was obsessed with speed but with its 1.4L 8v engine it wasn’t exactly fast.

No more than a year passed when I was on my way to work and ended up flipping the car in a ditch along some country lanes, my beloved car which I’d worked so hard to get and maintain was totalled and had to be scrapped. This was the turning point for me or so I thought.

Being 18 years old now and car-less way before the days of Facebook and colour screen phones I needed to pick my self up and move on. I saved for months and eventually bought a Peugeot 306 diesel… being a diesel it was slow but what made it a cool car was the fact that it was also a Turbo 🙂 this was my 1st taste for speed.

The car didn’t last long, I crashed it into a lamppost with my Mum and girlfriend at the time in the car, they were not best pleased with me, when will I ever learn?

Clearly I didn’t because after my first taste of turbo action, my next car had to have one! This time I went for a petrol turbo, it was a Fiat Punto GT and had enough horsepower to please any teenager. But I wasn’t satisfied, and decided to upgrade the engine, gearbox and turbo for more speed.

This part of my life was where I got to learn and understand more how cars and engines actually work, it was the point in my life where nothing mattered but cars and trying to impress. I would take the car as fast as I could and loved it when flames would shoot from the exhaust, the adrenaline and feeling of speed made nothing else matter.

The punto served me well for a year or so and it was 3rd car lucky because I didn’t crash this one. My career was going well and I saved up enough to put a deposit on a brand new car.

In 2007 I took a giant leap purchased a SEAT Leon Cupra. Which was a 2.0 Turbo and about 240bhp which is a huge step up from any of the cars I had owned, it did 0-60 in less than 6 seconds and was a true hot hatch, a boy racers dream.

My craving for speed and showing off grew every time I drove the car, and now with the birth of social networking it was easy to share that passion with others who were in the same boat as me. I regularly joined in with on-line discussions and attended car meet ups and soon became a well known figure in this circle of people.

The Cupra was clearly the nicest and fastest cars I had owned but I paid the price in 2008 when I was caught speeding. Whilst driving home with some mates along side we were ambushed by 3 under cover police cars who had apparently been following us along the dual carriageway.

As my ego got bigger and my friends started getting faster cars, I had to go one better and decided to swap in the Cupra for a fresh new model in 2008. This was a limited edition model of the Cupra, called the Cupra K1. With a sleek looking body-kit and center exit exhaust I was soon the envy of a lot of people but on the other hand, I was more respected in the motoring world.

I started going on track days with the car which was a great way to unleash my need for speed legally.



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