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FB post – is speeding dangerous?

The following is a message we had on our Facebook page feel free to discuss here.

In my experiences, speeding isn’t dangerous in most cases – it’s the idiots that don’t look, don’t pay attention, overestimate their abilities. Speed limits in most areas are ridiculously low, they were based on brake abilities in the 1970’s.

Been riding bikes for two years now, driving cars for one, only time i haven’t speeded is when there have been police or a camera present. Times I’ve driven dangerously or nearly killed myself? Zero. Still, it seems like 99% of people driving are absolute morons, they’re a hell of a lot more of a threat on the road than I am.

How about starting a ‘Watch the Road’ or ‘Don’t be an absolute c*ck on the road.’



I do agree with is to a degree, its a combination of speed and peoples recklessness.